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The overpriced teeth whitening costs from Dentists.

In chair treatments from the Dentist are an effective solution to whiter teeth. However, the prices can range from $800-$1000+ for just one whitening session and this is not a very affordable solution for the average person.

We solved these problems!

We have worked closely with a team of Australian Scientists and Dentists to formulate a range of Premium Home Teeth Whitening Products that are affordable and contain the exact same ingredients used by Dentists.

Cheap priced products that don’t work.

Every day there are new teeth whitening companies popping up all over the internet. It can be extremely tempting to purchase these low priced products that promise a brighter smile. However, there is a major problem. These companies use natural ingredients such as Sodium Bicarbonate which produce little effect (if any) on the whiteness of the teeth. Sodium Bicarbonate is the exact ingredient found in Baking Soda. You will get the same results by brushing your teeth with a $1.59 bag of Baking Soda from your local supermarket.

A Few Reasons Why You Should Buy From Us

Our teeth whitening products are trialled and tested and are FDA, TGA, and ACCC approved. This means you can have peace of mind that our products are 100% safe to use.
Our active ingredient is Carbamide Peroxide (the same ingredient used by Dentists in Australia, UK, and USA).
Our team of Scientists have combined additional unique binding agents with our formulation. This means faster and longer lasting results.
Our kits contain moldable trays that mold perfectly to your mouth.
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